Dr Pinard – Dr Bodig

We will try our best to book urgent appointments on the same day or the following day (e.g. bladder infection, ear infection…). In order to help us achieve this, please do not use a same day or next day appointment time if you have a non urgent problem.

Appointments for well baby visits with immunization are to be booked (as much as possible) when our nurse is in the office.

Appointments for physical examination are considered non urgent.

If you have a specific concern about your health, please consider booking a regular visit for it.

Please note that there might be available appointments that are not accessible on the website.  

You may choose to contact the office by phone to see if other appointment times are available.

If it is regarding a more urgent matter, contact the office by phone: 613-433-5712.

If you are trying to book an appointment for an emergency (e.g. heart attack, stroke symptoms, etc.), call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Dr Pinard,

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